Farnham Music and Drama currently only offer the Suzuki Method for Violin.

The Suzuki method is based on the philosophy that all children have the ability to learn a musical instrument and can enrich their lives through music making. Children can learn from as young as 3 years old and will learn through individual and group tuition together with opportunities to listen to and perform with professional musicians.

The tuition is led by Susan Fletcher who has performed worldwide with most of the major London orchestras and who is passionate about bringing the gift of music to young children.


All children have the ability to become musical
Environment, not genetic background, will determine achievement
Mother-tongue approach – children learn to speak by listening and imitating mothers voice
Encouragement, support and positive reinforcement promotes success


The Violin has a well thought out repertoire that spans several volumes
All instruments begin with Twinkle and end with a major concerto from the classical period
In this carefully planned method each new piece introduces a new skill whilst reviewing musical technique in a progressive format
Attractive, tuneful pieces that both adults and children enjoy learning and playing

Technical Concepts

Begin lessons early with help of parent at home
Listen to recordings every day to learn pieces and to develop sense of tone, pitch and rhythmic pulse
Learning by ear allows pupil to focus on playing well
Each skill is broken down into small steps
Individual lessons allow each student to progress at their own pace
Group lessons allow pupils to share their music and introduce the skill of playing together
Constant review of repertoire and technical skills


The Suzuki Method Trains Musicians

The Suzuki Method is not intended to be a training ground for professional musicians. The goal of Dr. Suzuki was to enrich people’s lives and make them more understanding and sensitive human beings. The fact that many Suzuki students have become professional musicians simply shows how thorough and successful the method is.

Suzuki students can’t read music

Although the Suzuki method places early emphasis on listening to music rather than reading it, Suzuki students are taught to read music and in a full course of study become as adept at sight-reading as students who started their study with the printed page.

The Suzuki Method Is All About Groups

Every Suzuki student has an individual lesson once a week. Group lessons are added to expand and enhance a child’s learning.

What is the parent’s role?

Parents have a very important role to play in the education of a Suzuki music student. Even before lessons begin, they are encouraged to play recordings of classical music to their young children. Once lessons start, they are expected to attend the lessons, take notes as directed by the teacher and supervise practice at home; including ensuring that the child listens to the pieces he or she is playing, every day. It is not necessary for a parent to be able to play the instrument his or her child is learning. The teacher will equip every parent with sufficient knowledge to help the child at home. Indeed, many parents have become so inspired helping their children, they have taken up study themselves.

PLEASE NOTE: The British Suzuki Institute requires pupils to become members which is currently £32 per year. Farnham Music and Drama will provide new pupils with membership forms.

For information and details please contact us on 01252 727617 or visit the contacts page here.