Mother and toddler music classes – Fun and interactive classes for children aged from 8 months up to 4 years old with their parents.  Your child will follow a carefully designed programme, introducing them gradually to musical concepts including pulse, rhythm, dynamics and pitch.

All classes are accompanied by the piano and will encourage your child to develop a love of music while singing along with Jenny or Edward, trying out instruments for themselves and learning how to express themselves through music and movement.
We currently have classes on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.  For the times, ages and costs please see below.

If you are interested in attending a Mini Maestros Music class, please contact us to check availability and book your FREE taster session.  Please do not turn up as our classes are popular and we may not be able to help.


What happens in our classes

Here is short video which offers a snapshot of what happens in our classes.

Revised Class Timetable During Lockdown 3

Please note that during lockdown 3 we will run the following online timetable.  Once we can return to face to face sessions we will revert to the timetable as per the ‘Class Times’ column below.

Mondays 2pm

Thursdays 9am, 10am and 2pm

Fridays 10am and 12.20pm

Please contact us to join in!

Class Times

We currently offer the following Mini Maestros Music classes :


Mini Maestros Music at 13:30 for 40 mins (ages 3-4 yrs)
Mini Maestros Music at 14:30 for 40 mins (ages 2-3 yrs)


Mini Maestros Music at 09:00 for 40 mins (ages 8-18 months)
Mini Maestros Music at 10:00 for 40 mins (ages  1-2 yrs)
Mini Maestros Music at 10:50 for 40 mins (Online Zoom Family Class)***
Mini Maestros Music at 14:00 for 40 mins (ages 3-4 yrs)


Mini Maestros Music at 09:10 for 40 mins (ages 1-2 yrs)
Mini Maestros Music at 10:10 for 40 mins (ages 2-3 yrs)
Mini Maestros Music at 12:20 for 40 mins (ages 2-3 yrs)

Classes are £6.50 per child per session.

***Our online Zoom sessions will remain free but you are welcome to make a contribution of your choice by visiting our contribution page by clicking here.

Please note the age ranges are for guidance only, please contact us with your child ages and we will try and match him or her to the most suitable class.

Class Bookings

Booking a space is required, please do not turn up unannounced as we might not be able to help. For enquiries or to book a space, please use the form below or contact us on 01252 727617.

Mini Maestros Music Enquiry

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