Music and Musical Theatre – Singing & Drama & Music

Farnham Music and Drama offers three musical theatre classes for children from 4 – 18 years of age. The main focus of the session is for students to enjoy expressing themselves and to develop and improve their performance skills.

Please find the current class days and times below or on our current classes page.

Centre Stage Minis (4 – 7)

For Children ages 4 – 7 in reception, year 1 and year 2.

At Centre Stage Minis the aim is to grow a child’s confidence through singing, acting and movement. Students will learn skills such as how to create a convincing character, the basics of vocal technique, and how to work as a team to build a performance.
The session is divided into sections.

Prepare; warm up games to build confidence, get to know each other and warm up bodies and voice. Discover; Find out something new, examples trying out musical instruments- strings, brass, woodwind, musical notation.

Rehearse; where we have a topic each half term and we work at this over the weeks- sometimes it is a song for a concert/ production, we also develop note reading using the glockenspiels.

Performing; listening, creating and working as part of a team. The main aim is to have fun in the performing arts and build confidence and creativity.

Watch the musical below we performed to give an idea of what we do.

Centre Stage Company (7 – 12)

Musical Theatre – Singing & Drama

Centre Stage at Farnham Music and Drama is the first step into the world of the performing arts. Led by Jenny and Edward, the emphasis is on encouraging children to tap into their imagination and bring their own ideas to life in a fun and motivating way.

Each week the session involves; Warm up games, including getting to know you, trust, and confidence games, improvisation, and group work. Students will develop skills including using their imagination to create characters and scenes, direction in small groups, and be able to critique their own work. We also work on improving students’ voices and movement. We do not do dance, but we do move and act to the songs that we learn. The main focus is on students enjoying expressing themselves and developing their performance skills.

See the video below of a past Company performance.


Centre Stage Grads (13 – 18)

Centre Stage Grads will develop performance skills in singing, drama and movement by developing improvisation and devising skills and also by looking at scenes from the musicals of today. Students will be introduced to the roles of the director, choreographer, and musical director as well as those of the actor.

Class Times


15:50 – Centre Stage Minis (4-7 years reception to year 2)


14:00 – Centre Stage Company Group 1 (7-14 years 1.5 hours)

15:30 – Centre Stage Grads (12-18 years, 2 hours)